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The Jackson State University Digital Collection contains a selection of items documenting civil rights in Mississippi from the archives at the Jackson State University Library.

These materials are presented online for educational purposes only. Images may contain copyrighted material. Use of these materials on websites, in exhibits, or in publications requires the permission of Jackson State University and/or the legal copyright holder. The user bears full responsibility for securing any and all appropriate permissions. Please contact the Henry T. Sampson Library at Jackson State University for further information.

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Farish Street Historic District "A Neighborhood Discovery" Oral History Collection (M055)

Good Old Days (Senior Citizens' Recollections) Oral History Collection (M057)

Gowdy Oral History Collection (M022)

Harry H. Jones Papers (M084)

James R. Johnson Papers (M044)

Jane Ellen McAllister Papers (M030)

Joseph H. Jackson Papers (M002)

Mississippi Big "8" Conference Papers (M074)

Percy Greene Papers (M040)

Phillip Gibbs and James Green Memorial Collection (M009)

Tracy Sugarman Sketches and Photographs (M003)

William Grant Sill Papers

William R. Ferris Jr. Collection (M083)

William Walton Papers (M041)